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 Dr Kataria Indore Visit - Laughter Yoga Movement

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India's First Guinness World Record on Laughter Yoga

(Guinness World Records issued the Certificate received by us on 22.02.17)


Dr. Madan Kataria's Indore Visit

(Setting up a New Guinness World Record in Laughter Yoga - Event - 28.11.15)

Plan of Action, Preparations & Record Date wise - Period - 4 months - 11.08.15 to 30.11.15.

Every day this Record was made & Reviewed by All Concerned for their Interactions

(Objective - Preparations to Break the Existing World Record for Largest Laughter Yoga Class)

30.11.15, Monday

Dr Kataria came to Dabang Dunia and had discussions with the Chairman.

Afternoon went to D Live and spend 4 hours for recording.

Dr Kataria went to Bhopal.

29.11.15, Sunday

Dr Kataria came to Man Pasand Park.

Lunch at Sayaji for all concerned.

28.11.15, Saturday

Went to the site at 7 AM, checked and guided all concerned.

Guinness existing world record broken.

27.11.15, Friday

Matter discussed with Dabang Dunia. One hour session conducted with the Stewards.

On airport received Dr Kataria and Madhuri Kataria.

Dr Kataria and Madhuri Kataria went to Matlani garden.

Evening session conducted with the Stewards.

All arrangements checked on the site.

26.11.15, Thursday

Matter discussed with Dabang Dunia and all concerned. Full preparation made.

Visited parks along with Mr Andrew of England.

25.11.15, Wednesday

Matter discussed with all concerned.

Visited parks along with Mr Andrew of England.

24.11.15, Tuesday

Matter discussed with Dr Kataria & Mr Bisht.

23.11.15, Monday

All the designs including invitation cards finalized..

22.11.15, Sunday

Dr Rajni Kothari visited our club.

Visitors from England, Surat, Udaipur & Chittorgarh

Stewards' Instructions drawn and sent to Mr Khariwal.

Dr Kataria requested to prepare a sample audio for the entire proposed class.

21.11.15, Saturday

Mr Ganesh Chaudhari, PRO called.

Studio D Live News - Interviews recorded and televised.

20.11.15, Friday

Entire program reviewed and updated.

19.11.15, Thursday

Downloaded all the documents of Guinness World Records

Matter discussed in detail with Dabang Dunia, Kishore Wadhwani and Pravin Khariwal.

18.11.15, Wednesday

Meeting & Discussions with Dabang Dunia & Srijan, finalized 2nd Advt and Pamphlet.

Finalized the Complete Program of GWR for 28.11.15. The same was e-mailed to all concerned. Matter informed to Dr Kataria and Mr Bisht. The final lesson will be finalized tomorrow in the laughter session in presence of Mr Bisht.

17.11.15, Tuesday

Guinness Approval received.

Meeting & Discussions with DD & Srijan, finalized 1st Advt.

16.11.15, Monday

Payment of Rs 48,462 made to Guinness for fast track action on our application - reply expected within 3 days.

Matter discussed with Mr Dubey of Srijan - further material handed over

Rehearsal commenced in the club

15.11.15, Sunday

Complete program informed to club members.

Guinness application revised, updated and loaded.

Entire event discussed with Mr Kishore Wadhwani

14.11.15, Saturday

Entire program reviewed, updated and informed to all concerned.

13.11.15, Friday

Complete Guinness World Records reviewed and discussed with Dr Kataria and Mr Bisht. It was also discussed and plan finalized with Mr Janardan Sharma.

Visited Gandhi Hall Area, found the place quite suitable and took photographs.

12.11.15, Thursday

All High Resolution photos of Dr Kataria received.

Meeting fixed with Srijan on Saturday.

11.11.15, Wednesday, Diwali

Pamphlet printed and distribution started in the club.

Had detailed discussions with Mr Bisht and Dr Kataria over phone.

10.11.15, Tuesday

Another pamphlet was designed and given for printing to Mr Tiwari.

09.11.15, Monday

Entire plan was updated.

Discussed with Srijan Advertising and with Mr Pravin Khariwal, Chairman of the Press Council. The plans to be finalized just after Diwali.

08.11.15, Sunday

Mr K.C. Sharma said that he being the President of his community, is confident of bringing 2000 persons in the event.

07.11.15, Saturday

Our club called a meeting of various Social groups of Indore including Rotary, Lions and IMA at 4 PM in the Park. It was a nice gathering. 3 TV Channels also recorded the event. Dr Anjul, Dr Garima and Ranu played a vital role.

06.11.15, Friday

Manwaniji and myself called on Mr Girish Matlani and handed over our thanks letter as well as the complete program.

The advertising agency informed that they have commenced the work and we will shortly have meeting with their creative wing.

05.11.15, Thursday

The change in the program was informed to the club.

Matter discussed with authorised consultants and advertising agency of Dabang Dunia.

A meeting was planned on 07.11.15 at 3:30 PM in the Park where all social groups of Indore will be called for briefing about the proposed 4 days program of Dr Kataria.

04.11.15, Wednesday

Matter discussed with Kishore Wadhwani and Pravin Khariwal in Dabang Dunia. They agreed with changing the time from 10 AM to 8 AM. Further it was suggested that Gandhi Hall will be better place than Dussehra Maidan. The exact position will be known by tomorrow evening.

Photos were taken for more banners.

03.11.15, Tuesday

In open meeting of the club, all members were requested to make publicity about the GWR and other events during visit of Dr Kataria. The matter was discussed with all concerned.

The complete schedule for visit of Dr Kataria was reviewed and updated in consultations with Mr Janardan Sharma.

02.11.15, Monday

Dr Kataria rang and discussed the whole matter. Recorded call was sent to selected members of the club for information an followup.

Dawang Dunia (Print) and D News Live (Electronic) covered the event nicely. The clips were posted on all WhatsApp groups as well as on facebook.

01.11.15, Sunday

The Birthday Celebration was a grand function. Attendance was quite good. Most of the Laughter Clubs of Indore attended. The program was conducted nicely by Mr Janardan Sharma. Mr Lalwani, Chairman, IDA announced a help of Rs. 15 lacs to our club. Mr Dilip Sharma, Parshad announced to provide a toilet.

Dawang Dunia covered the events nice. Thanks to Mr Kishore Wadhwani.

31.10.15, Saturday

Discussions the matter of GWR with and Invitation to Kishore Wadhwani. Phoned all important persons.

30.10.15, Friday

Mail sent to Dr Kataria intimating the complete program.

All the members were briefed about the schedule of the Program for 01.11.15.

Mr Lalu came forward for sponsoring the Stage, Chairs and the Mats. Mr Ramesh came forward for sponsoring the speaker system.

Photos for the Banners were shot and also the laughter of the members were recorded.

Press Conference - complete brief sent to the press. Reporter of Dawang Dunia came to the Park.

29.10.15, Thursday

Discussed with all concerned. Laughter of members recorded. Program finalized. Mr Bisht discussed with Dr Kataria.

28.10.15, Wednesday

Invitation letters given to Mr Manwani. Another letter for Mr Monghe to be prepared. Program reviewed. Mr Trikotkar from Mahaveer Nagar disired to include his item. Discussed Hasya Natika with Dr Anjul. Discussed with Mr Bisht requesting him to prepare for his 5 minutes talk.

27.10.15, Tuesday

Sample Banners fixed. Tentative program informed to Mr Manwani. Discussed with Mr Dilip Sharma. Program finalized with Janardan Sharma

26.10.15, Monday

Discussed with Dr Anjul and Mr Sunil Tiwari of Yashdeep Graphics and finalized - Invitation, Certificate and Banners.

Visited Dabang Duniya and discussed Manish Sharma and Kishore Wadhwani.

25.10.15, Sunday

Discussed with Mr Sunil Tiwari of Yashdeep Graphics the entire event.

Mr Tiwari brought 1000 copies of the pamphlets. Distribution started.

Recorded the laughter of members.

Recorded audio invitation.

24.10.15, Saturday

Discussed with Shishir and Dr Garima about the media planning.

23.10.15, Friday

Mr Sunil Tiwari of Yashdeep Graphics came forward for sponsoring pamphlets, banners, certificates and Invitations Cards.

In the evening attended the function organized by Jitesh Manwani.

22.10.15, Thursday

In open meeting the following members came forward to accomplish the following responsibilities:-

(1) Manwaniji - (a) Water pouches (b) Sending Invitations (c) Press conference

(2) Gandhiji - Moti malas for 15 persons

(3) Mr Jain of Sachin Kirana Stores - Toffies

(4) Dr Garima & Dr Anjul - Momentos for 7 persons

(5) Ranu & Garima - Decoration of the Garden

(6) Mr Khemlani & Mr Bhatia - Gate duty to welcome and send off the guests

(7) Ram Kishan - Publicity pamphlets, Photos & Videos

(8) Mr Sunil Tiwari of Yashdeep Graphics - Pamphlets, Banners, Certificates and Invitation Cards.

20.10.15, Tuesday

Arrived Indore at 1 PM. Designed Hand Bill. Prepared list of clubs and discussed with Kailash Khandelwal. Personally phoned many members to come to the meeting on 22nd.

19.10.15, Monday, Camp Delhi

Discussions on phone with Janardan Sharnm Kailash Khandelwal and Dr Garima Aeiran. Left Gurgaon at 6:15 evening.

18.10.15, Sunday, Camp Delhi

Participated in Laughter Yoga Session in the morning, posted video clip on the WhatsApp groups. Finalized the Hand Bill and posted it on the WhatsApp groups. Discussed with Mr Janardan Sharma and Kailash Khandelwal. In the evening visited Cyber Hub of Gurgaon.

17.10.15, Saturday, Camp Delhi

In the morning, went to the park, took part in the Laughter Yoga session. Celebrated birth day of our son. Afternoon went to the market. In the evening, took part in the function of Navratra..

16.10.15, Friday, Camp Delhi

Reached Gurgaon at 7:30 AM. Met the morning walkers in the Park. Posted photos and video in the WhatsApp groups.

In WhatsApp group, invited the members of the club and the groups to bring materials to decorate the Park on the evening of 31st October - colored flags, posters with smilieys, drawings and sketches, fireworks etc.

15.10.15, Thursday

Proceeding to Delhi in the afternoon with wife and will be back to Indore on 20.10.15 afternoon.

Handbill prepared.

14.10.15, Wednesday

The entire plan for all the events was discussed and finalized with Mr Janardan Sharma.

13.10.15, Tuesday

Mr Dilip Sharma informed that within 2 to 3 days, work will start to clean the entire garden, to trim the plants and to paint the boundary walls. The entire work will be completed by 25.10.15. This was informed to all concerned thr' WhatsApp.

The entire plan for all the events was discussed with Mr Janardan Sharma.

12.10.15, Monday

The issue regarding Manav Seva was openly discussed in the Club. It was finally decided that in future no funds will be collected in the Club.

On facebook received an offer from Asian Paints, the renowned paint manufacturer. It was informed to them that our offer will be submitted in a day or two.

11.10.15, Sunday

Meeting held regarding Manav Seva. Minutes signed by 16 members of the club.

Mr Irfan and his friends came from Residency Club.

Discussed with Mr Khandelwal, next club visit to Matlani Garden on 15th.

10.10.15, Saturday

Sponsors for the work of Fine Arts Students - the matter was posted on FB, Nerolac and Asian Paints pages.

09.10.15, Friday

Meeting held at residence of Mr Manwani. Dilip Sharma and G.M. Jain present. Mr Dilip Sharma said that he will get the garden cleaned and painted much before arrival of Dr. Madan Kataria. The work will commence within a week and will be completed in 10 days time.

As regards, the work to be done by the students of Institute of Fine Arts, he will inform his decision tomorrow.

08.10.15, Thursday

We received several queries and phone calls regarding our apron. All relevant photos were posted in a album form with comments on facebook.

The matter of the Institute of Fine Arts was discussed with Mr Manwani. He agreed in principle to accept the revised offer of the students. He said that the matter will also be discussed with Mr Dilip Sharma, the Parshad.

The above was informed to Mr Rahul of the said institute.

It was informed by Mr Manwani that the meeting with Mr Dilip Sharma will be held tomorrow at 8:30 AM in the gardern.

07.10.15, Wednesday

Mr Manwani informed that the matter regarding painting of the garden walls will be decided tomorrow.

06.10.15, Tuesday

Discussions held about the committee for Manav Seva.

Revised offer of the Fine Arts still under considerations.

The complete program further discussed with Dr Anjul.

On account of Rally, 80% new members. They desired video clips on WhatsApp. Hence the same was resumed.

05.10.15, Monday

Regarding Manav Seva, a committee was formed with the consent of all present members. Mr Gandhi as Chairman and other members being Dr Anjul, Bhimsen Ghavri, Neemaji, Manvaniji, Usha Jodhani, Narendra Dubey, Mrs Enani and Dr Garima. The first meeting of the Committee will be held on Sunday 11.10.15 at 8AM in the garden.

The entire program was discussed with Dr Anjul and Janardan Sharma. There was suggestion of Dr Kataria being brought to the venue on 28.11.15 in a Vintage Car Rally. On 1st November, the programs could be Kathputli Dance by Ladies of the Club and Bal Hasya Kavi Sammelan.

The revised offer from the Institute of Fine Arts was received and the same was conveyed to Mr Manwani.

04.10.15, Sunday

Posted on facebook the video clip pertaining to chanting of OM carried out in our Man Pasand LY Club on 03.10.15.

Visited Residency Club. There are two locations. Conducted Laughter Yoga Sessions. Members of our club, Janardan Sharma and Kailash Khandelwal were present. Video clips and photos posted on the WhatsApp groups.

Discussed with Mr Manwani the complete program on 1st, 28th and 29th November; the offer of Institute of Fine Arts and the formation of committee for money collection and expenditure in the club.

03.10.15, Saturday

We have received the travel program of Dr Madan Kataria and Madam Madhuri Kataria. The finalized program is as under:-

(1) 27.11.15 - Arrival Indore  at 12:10 Hrs thr. Indigo flight no 6E-496 

(2) 27.11.15 - Matlani Garden tentatively at 4 PM ( This is subject to finalization by concerned persons in Matlani Garden)

(3) 28.11.15 - Dussera Maidan - 10 AM to 1 PM - Indore Largest Yoga Class for GWR - Application registered by Guinness.

(4) 29.11.15 - Man Pasand Garden at 8 AM to 10 AM when all Laughter Clubs of Indore will also attend.

(5) 29.11.15 - Press Conference and Lunch at Sayaji Hotel - Press Personals, Eminent Businessmen and Industrialists at 1 PM

(6) 30.11.15 - Brief Session (to be fixed) with Students or Yoga Teachers or Brahmakumaries.

(7) 30.11.15 - Departure Indore by Indigo Flight No 6E-436

Had telephonic discussions with Mr Bisht and Janardan Sharma. Had mail exchanges with Dr Madan Kataria.

02.10.15, Friday

We went to Meghdoot Park and attended the Program by Naturopaths. The pics and video posted on WhatsApp groups.

Dilip Sharma and Chandu Makhija came to our garden and played the message from the Prime Minister about the cleanliness drive. The pics and video posted on WhatsApp groups.

We planned to visit the Residency Laughter Yoga Club on this Sunday. Mr Janardan Sharma, Kailash Khandelwal, Veerji Chhawra will be present.

01.10.15, Thursday

Videos were shot in the garden about the Lesson Plan and then uploaded on YouTube. These videos will serve to have rehersal of the Lesson Plan of the Largest Laughter Yoga Class to be conducted by Dr Kataria on 28th November '15. These videos can be searched in YouTube thr' ' Indore Largest Laughter Yoga Class'

30.09.15, Wednesday

The contents of the Lesson Plan for the proposed Yoga Class for GWRs was finalized and a new pamphlet was prepared. The Lesson Plan as finalized and included in the new pamphlet was as under:-

"Lesson Plan for the Laughter Yoga Class -

(1) Clapping; (2) Loud Laughter; (3) Greeting Laughter; (4) Mobile Laughter; (4) Jalebi Laughter; (5) Milk Shake Laughter; (6) One meter Laughter; (7) Tu Tu Mein Mein Laughter; (8) Don't Know Laughter; (9) Lion Laughter; (10) Silent Laughter; (11) Laughter Meditation. Every laughter - 3 minutes. In between every stage of laughter - Very Good Very Good Yey - 3 times and after breathe in and breathe out - 3 times, which will take 1 minute." 

29.09.15, Tuesday

Video clip pertaining to 'Leg exercises' was posted on facebook.

Video clip pertaining to 'Laughter Yoga' exercise in Yog Mahotsav by  Janardan Sharma posted on all WhatsApp Groups.

On facebook, someone from England enquired about our apron. We may think of arranging such aprons to the persons attending the event on 28th November.

28.09.15, Monday

Video clip pertaining to 'Face and Neck exercises' was posted on facebook.

Progress informed ot Mr O.P. Gupta and Khandelwalji.

Offer received from the Institute of Fine Arts informed to Manwaniji and Dilip Sharma. It will be discussed on Thursday when Mr Manwani will be back from Jodhpur.

27.09.15, Sunday

Video clip and photos posted on WhatsApp groups.

At 7:30 we met Mr Bisht. The complete program and Lesson Plan were fianlized. We also finalized the contents of the Lesson Plan of the Laughter Yoga Class to be held on 28.11.15.

At 1 PM we went to Union Hospital which organized the birth day of Dr Varma. There were nearly 250 persons. We met them and distributed our pamphlets.

At 9:30, we began with the Video Lecture at the residence of Mr Janardan Sharma. There were 5 persons. They enjoyed the lecture.

Morning we had a rally in Vikas Nagar. Dr Garima led the rally. We made the residents to laugh heartily.

26.09.15, Saturday

The event of lunch on 29.11.15 has been sponsored by Mr. Girish Matlani, Chairman of Matlani group of Industries of Indore.

25.09.15, Friday

Visited Lal Baug with Mr Kailash Khandelwal and Janardan Sharma. Using speaker phone made the entire area laugh. Distributed more than 180 pamphlets. As a whole we contacted nearly 500 persons. Photos and videos posted on WhatsApp.

Discussed with Mr Bisht about the Laughter Yoga Class to be conducted by Dr Kataria. It was decided that the list will be finalized in next 2 to 3 days.

Asked Mr Janardan Sharma to prepare the check list for the 28th program and discuss the same on Sunday.

1000 copies of the new pamphlets given for printing.

24.09.15, Thursday

Application made to Guinness to break the existing world record for Largest laughter yoga class.

Rahul from Institute of Fine Arts presented his proposal before Mr Dilip Sharma and Mr Manwani. They were highly impressed and asked Rahul to submit his offer.

It was decided to start campaign from Lal Baug Laughter club in the presence of Mr Kailash Khandelwal and Mr Janardan Sharma.

23.09.15, Wednesday

Discussed with Rahul from Institute of Fine Arts and fixed time with Mr Dilip Sharma and Mr Manwani for discussion on the spot at 9 AM tomorrow.

New Pamphlet designed and 200 photocopies made.

The matter relating to GWR discussed with Kishore Wadhwani, Manish Sharma and Pravin Khariwal. Detailed checklist to be prepared.

Discussed with Mr Bisht.

22.09.15, Tuesday

The matter relating to GWR discussed with Mr Kailash Khandelwal, campaign to start in Dussera maidan area from this Thursday. New pamphlets to be prepared.

Mr Rahul of Institute of Fine Arts informed that layout designs and concept are ready.

21.09.15, Monday

Dr Anjul Kansal and Ranu Dubey conducted Laughter Yoga session for about 200 ladies in South Avenue Hotel. Photos and Videos posted on WhatsApp.

Matter relating to GWR discussed with Mr Khariwal and Manish Sharma. Reminded Rahul of Institute of Fine Arts.

Uploaded 5 video clips of Jitesh Manwani on YouTube.

20.09.15, Sunday

Mr Jitesh Manwani gave his presentation at 7:30 AM on Body and Mind Toughness. It was gathering of about 100 persons including our members, members from othe Laughter Yoga Clubs, Residents and Eminent Citizens. Mr Dilip Sharma was special invitee. All the present persons very much liked the said presentation. Jitesh is a corporate trainer since 2009 and he presented such program for the first time in any park of Indore. 89 photos of the function were posted on facebook on the page 'Man Pasand LY Club' A video was also posted on facebook as well as uploaded on YouTube.

Mr Jitesh has very good contacts with various institutions in Indore. He promised to help us for the ensuing programs relating to the visit of Dr Kataria.

19.09.15, Saturday

Members were reminded about the program of Mr Jitesh Manwani on the Sunday.

18.09.15, Friday

Mr Manwani informed that his son Jitesh Manwani who is a corporate trainer will give his presentation on Sunday at 7:30 AM. Accordingly message was sent through all the WhatsApp groups. Jitesh has very good contacts with various institutions like Prestige, Gujrati, Medicaps etc.

Discussed various issues with Mr Bisht. Asked him to get the reference of the Guinness world records about the Copenhagen event and the person who organized it.

Spoke to Renu who said that she was in Assam. Spoke to Mr Dhakad who said that he was out of station and will be back on Monday.

Body upper portion exercise and video recording in courts posted on facebook.

Plan of action - to prepare the publicity material.

17.09.15, Thursday

Discussed with Dr Anjul Kansal about her experience regarding various records set up or broken in Indore as she had attended many such events. St Paul and Bhaskar has setup and broken many records.

Discussed with Mr and Mrs Bisht the complete plan of action, progress and record. It was felt that Hongkong record of 9th May '15 may be attempted to be broken.

The Chair Pose video clip posted on facebook.

16.09.15, Wednesday

Progress so far was informed on phone to Mr O.P. Gupta and Mr Kailash Khandelwal seeking their comments and suggestions. Mr Janardan Sharma informed that he will arrange the video lecture on next Sunday.

Mr Manwani made a suggestion about the anchor of the Program.

Video clip pertaining to Laughter Yoga by Neerajji shared on facebook. Today's Lion Pose posted on facebook. An Arizona Laughter Club of USA shared it.

15.09.15, Tuesday

Matter discuss with Mr Dilip Sharma in presence of Mr Manwani and Mr Anil Sharma. Progress of the work so far was informed. He expressed his willingness to help whenever needed.

Mr Rahul and Ashish from Institute of Fine Arts visited us. The relevant material, pictures and videos were given to them. They will give the proposal in 2 to 3 days time.

Mr Janardan Sharma was requested to flash the news about the Sunday meeting in WhatsApp Groups.

Video clip of Tadasana was posted on facebook. Laughter Yoga Club of Ashington, England shared it and expressed that they will try to follow it.

14.09.15, Monday

Matter discuss on phone with Mr. Dilip Sharma, Parshad, Mr Manwani and Mr Janardan Sharma.

13.09.15, Sunday

In today's rally from 8 AM to 9 AM we went to Vikas Nagar which is near to Laxmi Memorial Hospital. There are more than 6 members coming from this area only. We went to their homes and took photos and videos. They felt very happy. It was most successful visit. Mr Mahesh was very active and helpful. All the important photos were posted on facebook. It was decided to have such rally every week on Sundays from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. The purpose is to popularize Laughter Yoga and to generate new membership. We have planned such rallies on every Sunday before the visit of Dr Kataria. At present virtually there are no male volunteers who are needed for the proposed programs on 1st November, 28th November and 29th November '15. Such weekly rallies may generate young male volunteers.

Around 4 PM, Rahul and Ashish from the Institute of Fine Arts came to the Man Pasand Park. I showed them complete area of the garden where we need to paint with smilies and slogans. They informed that they will prepare the project and submit in a day or two.

12.09.15, Saturday

Theme of the Visit of Dr Kataria - To Declare Indore as 'City of Laughter Yoga'. All the publicity material i.e. hoardings, posters, brochures, pamphlets, articles, paintings etc should refer Indore as 'City of Laughter Yoga' and in Hindi  'इंदौर हास्य योग का शहर'

Dr Madan Kataria to be referred to as 'Laughter Guru of the world',  'Patanjali of Laughter Yoga'. 'विश्व हास्य गुरु'

2015 in the history of Laughter Yoga will be remembered as 'Historic Year in Laugher Yoga' when Indore is declared as 'City of Laughter Yoga' in presence of Dr Kataria.

11.09.15, Friday

Yesterday met Mr SK Mundi, Principal, Govt Institute of Fine Arts and discussed with him the scope of painting of walls of Man Pasand Park by the students of the institute. The representatives of the Institute will visit the Park on Sunday at 4 PM.

10.09.15, Thursday

Mail received from Mr Janardan Sharma is reproduced below for information of all concerned. Comments invited.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: janardan Sharma <jd7sharma@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 1:09 AM
Subject: Som ideas abut mplyclub pro.
To: ramkishandrt@gmail.com

As per our discussion on phone I am sharing. My ideas with you
1)we will walk in huge laughter rally in surrounding Man Pasand area with just or few minutes
2)a small laughter competition in invitis clubs
3)start a running troffie for best laughter person
4)prize for best laughter couple
5)reward to best performance to young genrarion
6)Hilight to Dr.Kataria activity on big screen..
7)Honour to Selected respective person Who dedicated for laughter like you.
8)Hilight with certificates to those who given whole year regularly Man Pasand laughter club activity nicely in club
9)Relise a booklet of whole year activity of club with there experience.
10)A laughter momento to chief gest.and spe.gest.
11)Declare. About 29th Nov. Prog.
Sir I think it may be helpful. To present prog...in a shape
Any other idea will come l will share with u first.
Thnkig u

09.09.15, Wednesday

Members went to the famous Charitable Hospital i.e. Geeta Bhawan Hospital and met the Chief Medical Officer as well as the trusties of the Hospital. Out of our collections, we contributed a fund of Rs 15,000=00 which can be utilized by poor patients suffering with diabetes and kidney diseases. The utilization will be monitored by Dr Garima Airen who is a doctor there as well as one of the most active members of our club. We distributed our pamphlets. We made all the persons to laugh heartily. All the members felt very happy over this visit. 49 photos of this visit were posted on facebook.

On 08.09.15, Ram Kishan and wife Padma Ram Kishan attended the function organized by the Yoga Club where Padma Ram Kishan is a member. In this function, birth day of Padma Ram Kishan and others were celebrated. There was nice dinner followed by musical night. Several film songs were sung by Sonali who is quite well known singer in Indore, India. We recorded few of such renderings. Everybody enjoyed the function. The venue was in the air-conditioned hall of Leela Building, which is very close to Man Pasand Park, New Palasia, Indore, India. A video has been published on facebook just to share and spread the enjoyment.

08.09.15, Tuesday

Reminded Renu Jha, Principal, Jain Diwakar School. She said that she will chalk out the program in a day or two.

Reminded Dr Bhadhauria, Directore GSTI. He said that he will fix up the program in a day or two.

07.09.15, Monday

Matter discussed with concerned persons and the following tentative program has been drawn up:-

(a) 27.10.15 - Invitation to Press & others

(b) 01.11.15 - Sunday - 8 AM - Man Pasand Park - First Birth Day of Man Pasand LY Club

(c) 24.11.15 - Tuesday - 10AM - Press conference

(d) 28.11.15 - Saturday - 10 AM - Dussera Maidan - Main event - Comedy Artists - Saint - Dr Kataria on 'Scientific Basis of Laughter Yoga' - Felicitation of Laughter Yogis.

(e) 29.11.15 - Sunday - 8 AM - Man Pasand Park - Dr Kataria

(f) 29.11.15 - Sunday - 1 PM - Hotel - Press Conference and Lunch - Dr Kataria

(g) 28.11.15 to 30.11.15 - Video Interviews and Photo Session whenever Dr Kataria is free.

06.09.15, Sunday

Yesterday's Celebration of Rakhi Mubarak at Brahma Kumari International University, Zonal Head Quarter at Indore, India  - 214 photos posted on facebook.C

A video showing chanting of 'Om Shanti Om Shanti Ye' and tying Rakhi on Shakuntalaji uploaded on facebook.
Went round our Park in the evening to check up lighting system.

Discussed the whole plan with Mr Janardan Sharma asking him to prepare the write up as well as to arrange video lecture at his residence.

05.09.15, Saturday

Our club celebrated the Teachers' Day with lot of fanfare and gusto. Shri Raja Babu and Ram Kishan were honored with Shawl from Mr Manwani and lot of gifts from other members. 22 photos were posted on facebook on the page of Ram Kishan and Man Pasand LU Club.

Members went to Brahma Kumaries and took part in the celebration of Rakhi Mubarak. It was a very nice and impressive function. Shakuntalaji tied Rakhis and gave booklets and nice Prasad. We also tied Rakhi on her chanting 'Om Shanti Om Shanti Ye' The members went round and were very much impressed by the praiseworthy management. There are 150 girls hailing from various places in our country. They study in 22 schools of Indore. This is the biggest hostel in the set up of Brahma Kumaries. Here they learn a lot as to how to live together. They learn lot of things for living life. It was one of the most memorable visit.

Another page has been created on face book with the name as 'Unofficial Laughter Yoga' which will be changed to Indore Laugher Yoga Clubs. Indore Laughter Yoga Clubs, Indore, India will handle the events relating to Dr Kataria as well as developing and spreading Laughter Yoga in and around Indore.

04.09.15, Friday

Club members were reminded about the visit tomorrow to Brahma Kumaries.

On WhatsApp, added a text and an audio invitation about the said visit.

03.09.15, Thursday

Visited residence of Mr Janardan Sharma and discussed the complete strategy.

02.09.15, Wednesday

(1) Blind Girls hostel needs follow up.

(2) Meeting with Mr Pasari.

(3) The developments were informed to the club members and also conveyed thr' WhatsApp. Mr Manwani, Mr. Dilip Sharma and all others were very happy and pleased.

01.09.15, Tuesday

We have received consent in writing from Mr Pasari who is heading a big group in the field of education. We expect that sizable numbers of students of that group will take part in the event scheduled on 28.11.15.

In the discussions held today another institution has expressed desire to take part in the above event. We expect 1000 to 1500 students from this institution.

On account of above development today, we feel highly encouraged. Now we feel need of sizable no of volunteers. At present we have only very few female volunteers. In order to get sizable no of male volunteers, we have decided to take out rallies every week on Sundays for one hour 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM in the nearby areas of Man Pasand Park.

31.08.15, Monday

Shankuntalji from Brahma Kumaries visited our club. She invited our club members on 5th Sept to celebrate Rakhi.

Visited GS Engineering College. The Director Mr Singh will be available tomorrow at 3 PM.

30.08.15, Sunday

Man Pasand LY Club took out their monthly rally in the nearby area of the park. The videos and 50 photos were posted on facebook page of Man Pasand LY Club. On account of this rally we expect at least addition of 10 to 20 new members to our club.

29.08.15, Saturday

Mr Janardan Sharma has started a new WhatsApp group with title as 'A World Laughter Moment' Our hearty congratulations. Hope this group will be common platform for the Mahavir Nagar, Saket, Suniket and other Laughter Clubs situated nearby.

28.08.15, Friday

Discussed with Mr Pasari, he said that they have considered the proposal sympathetically and communication will be sent to us shortly.

Brahamakumari Shakuntalaji informed that they plan to celebrate Rakhi in first week of Sept '15 when they will invite us.

Ranu Dubey and Janardan Sharma have come forward to handle the project relating to Jain Diwakar School. The plan will be finalized in the club discussions in a day or two.

26.08.15, Wednesday

Myself and Mr Sharma met Mr Dhakad and the Principal of Jain Diwakar School. They will arrange our video lecture on some Saturday in first week of Sept '15 and then Laughter session will be conducted for the students and the teachers. They took keen interest for which we thanked them.

25.08.15, Tuesday

Discussed with Mr Sharma, meeting with Mr Dhakad and Mr Paranjape in a day or two.

24.08.15, Monday

Reminded Mr Janardan Sharma

23.08.15, Sunday

Mr Sai Kumar came to our park and desired that we should visit Suniket Laughter Club on any Sunday.

Visited Brahma Kumaries Centre and discussed with Shakuntalaji. She informed that once she will depute all the Hostel Girls on a Sunday to our park for the laughter session. We also requested her to have a laughter session just before their dinner.

22.08.15, Saturday

Attended a function organized by RSS, Tilak Nagar. Distributed our pamphlets. We are attending such functions for which we are invited. The whole purpose for attending is to distribute our pamphlets.

21.08.15, Friday

Matter discussed with Mr Bisht on phone. He will be back to Indore by 12th Sept '15.

20.08.15, Thursday

(1) We need follow up with the Blind Girls Hostel and Brahmakumaris so that a model is developed for such hostels.

(2) Mr Purushottam Pasari confirmed that he has received the proposal and he will do the needful.

(3) Matter discussed with Mr. O.P. Gupta. He was requested to fix up the date for the lecture at least 7 days in advance. The purpose of this 7 days period is as under:-

(a) Daily we have to repeat the message on WhatsApp twice once in morning once in evening.

(b) Daily we have to make oral announcement just after the regular session of the club.

(c) In those clubs whose attendance is very poor, the members need to be informed through regular written communication followed by telephone calls.

(d) With such follow ups and reminders only, you can expect proper attendance for the lecture.

(e) We have evolved the above process after practical experience in our club i.e. Man Pasand LY club. It is well known that all the members are not approachable through WhatsApp. Even if they are approachable, they are not viewing the WhatsApp daily. Further they are not regularly coming to the club. Even if they are coming they may not be present at the time of announcement. Hence we found that it is better that we follow the above method for at least 7 days in advance so that you may expect proper attendance for the event. It is needless to mention that in all our related posts we must mention the purpose of the event otherwise members will not understand the importance of the event.

19.08.15, Wednesday

Detailed proposal submitted to Shri Purushottam Pasari. He said that he will submit before the managing committee with his recommendation. The results are expected within a week.

On enquiry, Mr O.P. Gupta was requested to go through this page.

Had detailed discussions with Mr Bisht on phone.

18.08.15, Tuesday

Proposal to Vaishnav group drawn up and will be submitted in a day or two.

Shri Balraj Sablok has started a new group on Yog and Naturopathy.  All the Yog teachers, practitioners and interested persons are requested to join and spread the message about this new group.

17.08.15, Monday

Campaign in Vaishnav Group - Matter discussed with Shri Purushottam Pasari and Vishnu Pasari. They were prepared to host the proposed event. Further follow up will continue.

Matter discussed with Mr Janardan Sharma who informed that he would fix up meeting with Mr Dhakad at the earliest. Also he will expedite the meeting for fixation of the date of lecture of Ram Kishan 7 days in advance.

Matter also discussed with Mr Kailash Khandelwal who was informed the complete progress.

16.08.15, Sunday

Matter discussed with Prof Maheshwari and it was decided to approach the Director of Engineering College, SGSTIS for giving demonstration of LY to the teachers and students in their campus itself. Accordingly meeting to be held and necessary pamphlets, notices etc to be prepared and put up on the notice boards of Engineering College.

15.08.15, Saturday, Independence Day

(a) Man Pasand LY club, Indore, India, both the batches celebrated the Independence Day. 73 photos were posted on the facebook page of Ram Kishan. Also the video showing the members singing Vande Materam also posted on the same page of Ram Kishan on facebook.

(b) Matter discussed with Mr Janardan Sharma requesting him to arrange for early meeting with Mr Dhakad so that we may plan for laughter session with Diwakar School. Mr Sharma said that he will arrange the meeting at the earliest.

(c) Matter also discussed with Mr Janardan Sharma about fixing the lecture of Ram Kishan in both the clubs i.e. Saket Club and Mahavir Nagar club. He said that he will do so at the earliest.

14.08.15, Friday

(a) We have drawn the list of schools and colleges to be approached in the first phase as under as we have contacts with their management:-

(1) Bal Vinay Govt School - Dr Garima's father is one of the Directors. He has gone abroad and will be back after a week.

(2) Vaishnav Group - I have friendly relations with Mr Purushottam Pasari and Vishnu Pasari.

(3) Jain Diwakar school, New Palasia - Mr Janardan Sharma has friendly relations with Mr Dhakad, the owner of the school

(4) GSTI Engineering College - Prof Maheshwari of our club is from the Pharmacy Deptt. Matter is to be discussed with him.

(5) Satya Sai School - Mr Paranjape is well known to me.

(6) Dally Collage - Mr Ajay Bagadia is in the Board of Directors.

(7) Vivekanand School - Since it is just opposite to our residence, the matter is to be discussed with the Principal of the school.

(8) Mahesh Dirshtiheen Kalayan Sangh, Blind Girls' Hostel - Since we have established contacts with them, we have to enhance the follow up.

(9) Mamta Begani recently visited a Jain School at Pipli Bazar and posted photos and video on the WhatsApp group. we have to enhance follow up.

(b) Few members of the club went to Abhay Prashal. Just before start of the function, they distributed our pamphlets.

13.08.15, Thursday

Mr. Bisht has informed that Dr K desires that we focus more on teachers, yoga practitioners and physical training instructors as they can easily learn and add LY to their repertoir.

12.08.15, Wednesday

(a) Since few of the existing LY clubs are having WhatsApp groups, we have decided to visit nearby clubs, meet the people using PA system in the garden or through a lecture in the community hall and distribute the pamphlets. The clubs are Saket Garden, Mahavir Nagar and Residency.

(b) Pamphlets be sent to other clubs for distribution so that WhatsApp groups are formed.

(c) Hold a press conference for general information about the visit of Dr Kataria and also importance of WhatsApp groups.

(d) On further discussions, it was found that Saket club and Mahavir Nagar club have got their WhatsApp groups. They were requested to arrange my lecture in the community hall of Saket Club to narrate my experiences.

(e) The above was informed to Mr O. P. Gupta during a telecon late evening today.

11.08.15, Tuesday

(a) WhatsApp group 'Dr Kataria Indore Visit' was formed intimating that Dr Kataria is scheduled to visit Indore on 28th and 29th Nov '15.

(b) Mr Jagat Bisht has informed the program of Dr Kataria as under:-

Friday, 27th November - Arrival - No program except attending a marriage ceremony.

Saturday, 28th November - Free from morning to 4PM afternoon. Evening he is to attend a marriage ceremony.

Sunday, 29th November - Free whole day

Note :- It was contemplated that Dr Kataria may lead the GWR on either of the above two days.

Monday, 30th November - Free in the morning half, leaving Indore in the afternoon.

Dr Kataria wishes to have lunch/dinner with Laughter Club Leaders. Further he desires to have Briefing with the Press/Media.

(c) Matter discussed on phone with Mr Janardan Sharma, Mr Kailash Khandelwal and Mr. O.P. Gupta requesting them to provide the contact nos of various clubs which are having WhatsApp groups. Further telecons with these people revealed that there are very few WhatsApp group in the Indore clubs.

(d) Mr Bisht further informed that we should try to invite yoga practitioners to the events as laughter yoga can add value to their practice.

(e) Today's conclusion is that there are very few dedicated WhatsApp group in any club e.g. Man Pasand LY club (Park Palasia group is in existence since 01.11.14) There are now three WhatsApp groups in Man Pasand LY club.

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